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Just two college kids from Minnesota, with decent tastes in music, bringing it all to you.

So, Soundset is only 3 days away and the stoke level over here is rising by the hour. If you’ve never heard of it Soundset is a all day outdoor hip hop festival put on by the Rhymesayers record label here in Minneapolis. Mainstage acts for this year are Atmosphere, Big Boi, Brother Ali, Doomtree, Mac Miller, Curren$y, Grieves and Budo, along with others….and two other stages, a car show, skate comp, and B-boy battles. Having gone in previous years we can both attest to its epicness.

For this occasion I’m throwing up a song that Atmosphere, Los Nativos, Gene Poole, and Prof (who deserves his own post) put together for the tour they just wrapped up a couple months ago for their tour of the local higher education establishments called Minnesota Nice. 

Assuming I can manage to sneak my video camera in I’ll have some A/V epicness to show off…if not we’ll have some stills to throw up.

Get stoked,


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